Wednesday, May 11, 2011

some portraits

various paintings lumped into a category determined by slightly shifting facial expressions:

self portrait, 2008
acrylic o/c, 3 1/2 x 4'?
if you look closely i forgot an eyebrow, which was actually just missing when i looked in the mirror that day. it's grown in now.

heavy, 2010
oil on linen, 1 x 1'
first oil painting i ever tried.

aftermath, 2010
acrylic o/c, 1 x 1'
painted from a photograph taken after the initial quake in haiti.

glass-eye, 2010
encaustic on canvas, 1 x 1'
i had dreams about the murdered man from the tell-tale heart for a while. there's nothing under my floorboards.

twins, 2011
chalk pastel and conte on black paper, pretty standard size (?)
one is afflicted with thought and the other nausea. twins.

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